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Sell Us Your Engine

Why Sell to Top Ten Engine Recyclers?

  • We'll pick it up at your door (freight paid throughout British Columbia)
  • We pay you upon receipt
  • We'll buy other cores, including:
    • Rack & pinions, streering gears, and power steering pumps
    • Transmissions and transfer cases
    • Brake calipers
    • Catalytic converters
    • Electric motors, starters, and alternators

How to Prepare for Shipping

All engines must have fluids drained and oil filter removed

Heavy-duty pallet with cardboard laid across slats
  • On a heavy-duty pallet, lay cardboard down on the slats
  • Cardboard protects the engine and helps protect the freight truck from drips
Secure units to pallet to prevent shifting during transport
  • To maximize units per pallet, load engines upright with plastic intakes removed
  • Band units together and secure to pallet with rope to prevent shifting during transport
Shrink wrap units and fill empty spaces; attach PO#
  • Shrink wrap units; fill empty spaces with small cores, alternators, starters, racks, calipers, turbo chargers, injection pumps, etc.
  • Attach PO# issued by Top Ten Engine Recyclers

Call us for pickup when your shipment is ready.

We process all POs within 48 hours of receipt. We then contact you and pay you for your cores.

Get Started

Fill out the form below or call today to sell us your engine or other core unit

Tell us what engines you want to sell; include make, model, year, and engine size:

Other parts you want to sell:

All engines and other parts must be secured on a standard shipping pallet; they must also be tied together and/or shrink-wrapped.

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